Giving Back Gratitude

It’s About Hope, Always

I’ve had a big week celebrating my “second birthday.” It was a week filled with friends, cake, coffee, burgers, tattoos and more love than any one person deserves.

Today, I got to spend two hours on the radio with George Korda, host of “State Your Case” on NewsTalk 98.7. We had a great conversation that included talk of faith, lots of laughter and more than a little discomfort on George’s part as I talked about the various treatments for the cancer I had. He was especially pained during our discussion of radiation treatment on my backside.

My surgeon, the amazing Dr. Greg Midis, joined us for the second hour of the show to talk about cancer from a clinical perspective and to answer listener questions. For all his life-saving ability, Dr. Midis is incredibly humble and faith-filled, ascribing all healing to the work of the Lord.

The funniest moment of the show occurred when returning from a commercial break. Eric, the show’s producer, played Goldfinger as bumper music in Dr. Midis’s honor. You know, the man with the “Midis touch” and all that. I think George called me the “Man with the Golden Rectum.” It took us all a few moments to get back to serious conversation.

I thoroughly enjoyed being on George’s show today and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story. As readers of this blog might expect, my favorite moment actually occurred off the air.

During a commercial break, Dr. Midis asked, “Will this help you move some books?”

“Maybe,” I said, “but it’s not really about that. If telling my story helps one person …”

“You’re right. If one person gets a colonoscopy because of this, we’ve won.”

Don’t get me wrong, I would love for It’s Not Harder Than Cancer to become a best-seller. I realize it’s a niche publication, and I sell more copies on my own than I do from Amazon.

The book isn’t going to make me wealthy, but if my story gives hope to someone facing cancer or prompts someone to schedule a colonoscopy, then writing it was worth the effort.


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