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It’s a Beautiful, Beautiful Life

For several weeks at the end of last year, I’d run into people who told me they saw me on TV. As a PR guy I spent a good bit of time in front of the camera, so I hear that a lot. In this case, though, I had not done an interview in a while so I didn’t know what they were talking about.

Pieces started falling in place when Cynthia at work said I was talking about “that cancer race,” and Pastor Amy said it was WBIR-TV’s
community service roundup.

I hadn’t seen it, so I went on a quest to hunt the spot down. And, Amy wanted to know the name of the song in the spot.

The song is “Beautiful, Beautiful Life,” on the Jim Brickman and Friends album. I may have a new favorite song!

Here’s WBIR’s spot. I show up at the 1:05 mark, being interviewed during last November’s Buddy’s Race Against Cancer:

WBIR-TV 2014 Community Year-Ender


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