Gratitude Journal: February 7, 2015

The things for which I am grateful today:

1. Running with Adam Brown. My friend and former business partner messaged me earlier this week asking if would could do our long run together. He’s training for the Los Angeles Marathon, which is two weeks before my race, the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. We ended up running 17 miles. It took longer than I would have liked, but it was great spending the time. We had a lot to talk about, it turns out.

2. A little help from my friends. I got great supportive and encouraging text messages from Zane before the run and from Anthony after. And I’m grateful for all the Facebook likes and messages from so many people today. It takes a village to do a lot of things, it seems, including training for a marathon. Thanks to everyone.

3. A nap. I was tired and my legs were toast. I took a nap. I’m grateful to the lovely Sarah for her support and for handling Marley dog duty while I rested. I love you, Sweetie!


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