Gratitude Journal: February 28, 2015

It’s been a big week. So much that is wonderful has happened. My book got published, I was officially announced as chair of the Subway Race Against Cancer 5K, I did a newspaper interview about the book and scheduled a handful of additional media opportunities, and we are fostering a service dog.

Even good stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though, and I was grateful to share this week with the lovely Sarah and spend some part of every day with or in contact with friends. Thanks to Zane, Jeff, Scarlet, Adam, Amy, Anthony, Clarke, Monty, Kristina, Jennifer, Erin, Gina, Laura, Belinda, Michael, Kristy, Jason, Kristy, Sharon, Missy, Bob, Sue, Tracie, Wy, Rod, and anyone else I may have missed.


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