Gratitude Journal: February 13, 2015

The things for which I’m grateful today:

1. Great conversation with my colleague, Ben, about the whole Superman thing (long story short: my doctor calls me Superman, I call a cancer survivor friend Superman).

2. Sweet Facebook message conversation with a friend whose daughter has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. I offered to share my experience if her daughter is interested. Suddenly, publishing my book cannot happen quickly enough. Pray for her, please.

3. A simple, pre-Valentine’s dinner at home with the lovely Sarah. Yeah, we’re not doing dinner tomorrow night either. You’ll find us having a late lunch at the Belgian place in Lenoir City.

4. My friend Dave Foulk retired from the radio business today. He and I connected when we were both diagnosed with colorectal cancer around the same time in 2012. Now, he is fiercely battling a recurrence. Pray for him too, please.


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