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What Do You Do When Your Real Life Exceeds Your Dreams?

One of my favorite movies ever is Broadcast News, a 1987 gem starring William Hurt and Albert Brooks as rival journalists angling for the anchor chair at a fictional news network. Holly Hunter starred as their producer and love interest.

In one of my favorite scenes, Tom Grunnick (Hurt’s character) talks to Aaron Altman (Brooks) about arriving at the network. “What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?” Tom asks. “Keep it to yourself,” Aaron replies.

How can anyone keep it to themselves? I ask because in many ways I am right there. I feel like I’m living a dream right now. When people ask how I’m doing, more often than not my response is “Crazy good.”

Who would have thought my battle with cancer would set me up to help so many people? I’m humbled and grateful for all that is happening.

My name graces the cover of a book I can actually hold in my hands. It’s both surreal and amazing, a dream come true. When you top that with having my own T-shirt line, a successful first week of fitness boot camp on the books, invitations to join two speakers bureaus, opportunities to possibly join forces with other amazing people, and plans underway for a couple of book signings … well, I’ve begun to run out of superlatives!

I’ve started thinking about my next book. The notion of inner strength and what it takes to get back in physical shape after serious illness keeps swirling around in my head. Of course, I can’t write the book until I accomplish that feat, but I suddenly find myself on the road to getting there.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve started my own boot camp. Me! I’m leading people in a group exercise class. And they’re having fun (so far) and they like me (so far).

I’ve written before that I’m training for a Spartan Race set for late October. I love the group I’m training with. As the out-of-shape giant who darkens their doorway every Saturday morning, I’m grateful to be accepted into a community that likes to push their bodies to the limit. I love working out like that.

At work, I’m on our wellness committee, which means I need to be an example of someone who pursues wellness.

My friend Charlene Oesterling, who makes Stoopid Good Food, developed a weighted jump rope currently available online and soon available in stores. I ordered one and it arrived this week. I can’t wait to “rope” with Charlene!

I’m also a distributor for Advocare. I haven’t talked about this much. I love all of the products I’ve tried, and I know they work when I do my part with healthy and clean eating. By the time the Spartan rolls around, I hope to have a body, in part, by Advocare.

I also hope to have a body like Michael Phelps, but that’s probably more of a pipe dream. One step at a time, right?

In the meantime, I’m so grateful to all of the people who have helped me get where I am. It really takes a village: the lovely Sarah who is ever supportive no matter how many plates I get to spinning; my superhero friend Zane who makes sure I stay true to me; Adam, for believing in me and T-shirts; Jeff, Scarlet and my boot camp crew; Marc, Jared, Nate and my Spartan Race teammates; Amy, Adam, Clarke and the rest of my church family; Lori, Russell, Beth, Lee Ann, Kristi, Hal and all of my amazing media friends for helping spread the word.

I didn’t get here alone. Thanks to everyone who has been or will be part of the journey.


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    charlene oesterling
    July 18, 2015 at 2:45 am

    There will come times in your life when you either succumb to that in which inhibits the echos of your dreams, or live what that silently screaming voice has been urging you to do below the chaos, chatter, circumstance, and strong hold of fear. Take a look back to those who were bound for greatness and suddenly disappeared. Those leaders who stepped up to the plate with courage to live beyond the echo, step outside the shadow and be seen in their own light, if for nothing more than to speak of the realization that the silently screaming voice was meant to be heard. It is only with truth and authenticity that one through tragedy does triumph. For courage lives in those who have recognized that they have been spared if for nothing more than to urge the masses to walk along side of their journey and witness the saving of themselves. All those who bare their soul with hope have nothing without faith, and those with faith shall never doubt nor perish until their will be done. You Michael Holtz are a beacon of faith, for where once fear did dwell, strength now bears the weight of your existence, and with your courage you shall do nothing but get stronger. Thank you for not making the choice to succumb to the fear, rather step up with courage to your call, the village can be nothing but stronger for it!

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