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Spreading the Gospel of Gratitude

Sat down for a wonderful radio interview with my friend, Hallerin Hilton Hill, host of The Triple H Show on NewsTalk 98.7 here in Knoxville.

Hal and I have known each other for a long time, easily 20 years, which was where our conversation began.

I listen to Hal’s show often. One of the things I love most about his show is how he opens every hour of the broadcast:

“Welcome to this brand new day. This day has never been lived before. It’s a blank canvas. If you will it so, it can be your masterpiece. As you wake up this morning think of three things you’re grateful for and then get out there and live this day with all the joy, wonder and enthusiasm you can muster.”

It’s a great opener, and I particularly love the part about gratitude, which also became part of our conversation this morning.

We got to the heavy stuff, of course, meaning my cancer journey and the reason for writing It’s Not Harder Than Cancer. We talked about the lovely Sarah, the importance of positive attitude, as well as being sure to plan for what life looks like after illness.

Hal asked me to read a passage from the book. I chose my most favorite part: the day my surgeon came in to my hospital room to tell the lovely Sarah, our pastor, Amy Figg, and me that there were no living cancer cells in the tissue he removed. It was, to put it mildly, a big day.

“Wow,” Hal said when I was finished. “That is strong and that is good!”

Here are links to the interview segments. I’m working to get a digital copy of the interview, but these will suffice in the meantime:

I’m grateful to Hal and his producer, Chris Marion, for the opportunity. This was a great start to the week.


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