Bucket List Vigilance

On Discernment and What Comes Next

I’ve come to a decision. Well, several decisions ultimately. Here’s the deal:

For a few years, especially since attending church at St. John’s and being diagnosed with cancer, I felt God calling me to eventually go to seminary and become a Lutheran pastor. Recently, and I can’t pinpoint exactly when, I was released from that call.

Lest anyone be disappointed by this turn of events, know that there are still calls on my life.

  • I am called to be a lay minister. The experiences of my life, especially the cancer, and all of the work I’ve done personally and with others to heal and understand childhood sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, deeply loving the most important people in my life, and embracing the life God gave me and being grateful for all of it is my calling.
  • I am called to be a writer. Sharing what I know and have learned about life through this blog, my book, speaking gigs, media interviews, op/eds, client stories and the occasional sermon … that’s my destiny. Here’s a link to an op/ed I wrote recently about the need to protect access to adequate health care for cancer patients.
  • I am called to be an advocate, especially for cancer issues but also for truth and the First Amendment.  I love a good rally, but I prefer action. Calling and visiting lawmakers, dropping by legislative offices to share new information, writing op/eds and letters to the editor, raising my voice for those who cannot are things that I can do and that make a difference.
  • I am called to be the resistance. Speaking out in the echo chamber of social media doesn’t appeal to me. As mentioned in the previous bullet, I prefer action. I will take action on issues that are important to me. I am the resistance. I come in peace, love and gratitude.



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