Gratitude Journal: January 13, 2015

Three things for which I’m grateful today:

1. Memories of John Cole. John was a beloved member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, and a friend to everyone. Last year, during Lent, I preached about childhood challenges, camping and forgiveness. He joked often that he wanted to adopt me and take me camping, which would be awkward for a guy in his mid-40s. We also learned that he was once executive chef at the King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, where Sarah and I love to vacation. John’s funeral was today. Please keep his beautiful wife, Mary, and their family in your prayers.

2. My friend, Adam. Stalwart friend, boon companion, confidante, partner in ministry, partner in many a lunch at Holly’s Corner. We talk about life, church and community, and we have fun doing it. The food is always good too!

3. Tears. My emotions live about two millimeters from the surface since the whole illness thing. I’m not ashamed of crying, I do it at the drop of a hat. A funeral, concerns about an ill friend, a couple crazy days at work — after my run tonight, the tears flowed freely. Catharsis is a good thing.


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