Michael Holtz’s Gratitude Journal: February 17, 2015

Three things for which I’m grateful today:

1. Snow day. The three-day weekend (my office was closed for President’s Day) was extended by a day because of crazy weather. It’s a big icy mess out there. With snow showers, high winds and low temperatures expected the rest of the week, it’s going to be messy for a while. Still, it has been nice to spend the last couple of days cooped up with the lovely Sarah and Marley dog.

2. Book cover design. Saw a draft of the cover this afternoon. My name is on a book cover! It’s a dream come true and something to cross off my bucket list. I’m so excited for It’s Not Harder Than Cancer to be available soon!

3. Nice text chat with my buddy, Zane. The book wouldn’t be where it is without his support or help; he’s overseeing the cover design. I’m so grateful for his friendship and impact on my life. I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like, and a text chat is a poor substitute but I’ll take it.


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