It's Not Harder Than Cancer

Grateful For My First Book Review

I’ve been holding on to this while the look of my web site was updated and I did some reconfiguring in my own world. I’m thrilled by the review my book, It’s Not Harder Than Cancer, has received from Michael Mantell, Ph.D. Dr. Mantell is a psychologist, life coach, senior fitness consultant and author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: P.S. It’s All Small Stuff.

I am grateful to Dr. Mantell for his time and for these very kind words:

I’ve had the privilege of reading a superb, inspiring and personal account of Michael Holtz’s “thriving” with cancer. Far from simply “surviving,” Michael brings to life the importance creating a positive deeply anchored mindset in seeing the good in life following an otherwise hellish diagnosis – Stage-3B rectal cancer.

Each of his caring, supportive and personally revealing chapters includes wise, mind-focused, emotional “exercises” to promote and advance a caring, optimally healthy perspective through cancer—or any serious life struggle.

From the first five chapters alone, here are some of the life-enhancing mind and heart workouts Michael offers readers:

  • Who are your caretakers and how will you love them?
  • Name three things in your life right now about which you can be positive?
  • For the next seven days practice lifestyle gratitude.
  • How are you willing to allow people to express their love for you?
  • Whom can you ask to take charge of organizing the help you need?

Whether it’s cancer or other serious illness, the loss of a relationship, serious financial difficulties, or whatever unkind challenge you face as you spin through life on the potter’s wheel, Michael Holtz has tossed a secure life raft to you. In so doing, Michael has secured a noble place in life as a major contributor for those in search of very sound, sensitive and proven ways of leading an optimally healthy, well-grounded, and positive life.


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