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“Michael Holtz is the kind of man who can bring a ballroom full of people to tears and have them laughing a few moments later. He is a survivor and an inspiration to the millions of people who have been impacted by colorectal cancer.”

Kevin Conroy
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Exact Sciences Corp.

I have shared my journey with non-profit groups, churches and at corporate meetings. I hope people find my story moving, inspiring and motivational.

For booking information, contact me at or (865) 414-3191.

Presentation topics include:

Balancing Cancer and Work: While sometimes challenging, it is possible to continue working while undergoing cancer treatment. Working with your employer and enlisting the support of co-workers is vital, and helps foster understanding.

Caregiver Support: During my cancer experience, I learned that caregivers are vitally important to their patients’ survival, and they are also seriously under appreciated. All focus tends to be on the patient who has one job — to get well. Caregivers, on the other hand, carry many burdens, including the health and wellbeing of their patients, all the fear and “what if?” and they have to deal with the logistics of keeping all medical appointments as well as needs at home.

Health & Social Media: Folks who believe there is no value in social media only have to announce that they have cancer for their minds to be changed. Seven years ago, I was a social media skeptic. Today, I understand the power of social media as a support mechanism to keep family an friends informed.

Humor and Medicine: Stage-3b rectal cancer left me with a permanent colostomy and persistent neuropathy. While I could let these conditions keep me on the couch, I refuse to do that. I have fallen a time or two because I can’t feel the ground, and there is nothing funnier than a colostomy appliance failure story after you’ve cleaned yourself up.

Legislative Advocacy: The war on cancer will be partially won in the halls of our state and federal legislatures. It’s important that patients be the face of cancer to their elected officials so that when cancer-related bills come up for a vote, they remember us and vote to ensure the people who come after us don’t have to deal with cancer.

Cancer and Spirituality: My cancer experience certainly strengthened my faith, but it also opened the door to other spiritual experiences, including a visit from my long-dead father and a healing vision experience with my acupuncturist that left us both in tears.

Survivor Experiences: A dear friend and I had a conversation about running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, which led me to create my bucket list, since which I have met the CEO of Exact Sciences, given a motivational speech to a ballroom full of people, completed a marathon, owned a gym, thrown out a first pitch, and so much more. One of the lessons cancer taught me was to plan for and embrace life after illness.


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